In-Ovation bracesBraces have changed a great deal since Tadej Orthodontics first started creating healthy smiles in and around Bakersfield, and our team continues to be at the forefront of those changes, providing the best results in the shortest amount of time and with the greatest comfort. The braces that we offer can be either metal or clear depending on your preference; all types incorporate smoother surfaces and engineered for faster adjustments at each visit.

Tadej Orthodontics even uses a high-tech way of applying the braces!  Using a digital model of your teeth. Our doctors "apply" the brackets into the positions needed for your customized smile prior to your braces bonding appointment. The brackets are then manufactured and sent to the practice in custom trays that are used to apply the brackets in perfect position. It's the ultimate in efficiency and precision. The time until the end of treatment is reduced too; we're excited to be able to create a customized smile for you and your family in the most efficient and timely way possible!

At your initial appointment at Tadej Orthodontics, you'll be able to check out all the options, and discuss what type of braces suit your lifestyle and look. If you prefer a removable, discreet solution, Tadej Orthodontics is also a Preferred Premier Provider of Invisalign treatment and is happy to discuss that option with you as well.